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Frequently Asked Questons
How much will it cost?
Every transmission and every vehicle are different, as such our prices are governed by the cost of replacement parts and time and difficulty related to each vehicle. After we scan, test drive, and diagnose the problem, in many cases, we can provide you with a firm price quote without needing to RDI (remove disassemble & inspect) your transmission.
How long will it take?
Every transmission and every vehicle are different, as such the time required to complete the needed repair or restoration will be dependant on vehicle, local parts availability, and shop scheduling. At the time of your diagnostic we will be able to provide you with a time schedule.
Cant you just fix it up so I can sell it?
We stand behind every job we do, and to keep our reputation for quality work we can not provide "temporary" repairs.
How much would it be to just get a new transmission?
In most cases the only way to get a new transmission is with a new car. Any transmission you get even from a dealer, will be at best a certified remanufacture unit. these dealer "re-mann" units are used transmissions that have been rebuilt in a factory and their damaged parts replaced. we can provide a product of comparable or even better quality, in many cases for hundreds less.
why did my transmission fail?
Every transmission and every vehicle on the road today, are mass produced and in huge numbers. Inevitably there will be some that leave the factory with subtle problems that go unnoticed for thousands of miles and years down the road. these subtle defects in workmanship and machining combined with wear and tare of daily driving eventually cause the breakdown of critical components resulting in failure of the unit.
I had it scanned at the parts store and it didn't have any codes...
modern vehicles are more computerized than ever and reading transmission data requires, in many cases, advanced diagnostic capabilities that over the counter scan tools simply don't have. we use the newest snap-on diagnostic equipment in addition to factory capable scan tools to help accurately diagnose even the newest vehicles.
How much will it cost if i pull it out myself?
We stand behind every job we do and to keep our reputation for quality work we typically do not perform out of vehicle overhauls. with every overhaul we perform an inspection and flush of the transmission cooling system and connecting drive train to ensure no contaminants are present and no damage exists that may compromise the integrity of our workmanship. a single ounce of coolant from a leaking radiator can ruin a transmission.
Do you repair manual transmissions?
Due to the special tools required and the low failure rates we do not service or repair manual transmissions at this time.
I've been told it needs an overhaul can you give me a second opinion?
Though in many cases when a transmission fails it needs an overhaul there are many other mechanical problems that can be misattribute to a transmission issue, we'll be glad to perform an accurate diagnosis at no additional cost.
What kind of warranty do you offer?
All transmission overhauls come with a 3 year unlimited mileage warranty and we offer extended warranties up to 5 years for vehicles less than 12 years old.
How much money will you need in advance?
We will NEVER charge you for work we have not completed.
Is your facility insured?
Our shop is fully insured against damage due to theft, fire, and natural disaster.
Do you offer a military/veterans discount?
As a veteran owned and operated business we offer a discount to all active/guard/reserve military members w/ID card and to combat veterans with valid dd214.
Do you do automotive work other than transmissions?
Though we have an extensive background in general auto repair we have chosen to focus on producing the best possible transmission in the industry and thus, do not normally perform other repair work. we do work closely with another local general mechanic shop that can provide you with other automotive repair if needed.
Its making a screeching/clanking/grinding sound do you think its the transmission?
In most cases we can only give an accurate diagnosis if we can get hands on with the vehicle. all diagnostic work is free and there is typically an appointment available same day.
What's in a transmission?
please see our knowledge base tab for technical info and component explanations.